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Sushi Nest

Sushi Nest, an elegant restaurant with a focus on fresh sushi and sashimi,opened its door in downtown Elmhurst in 2004.The restaurant is operated under passion of sharing finest Japanese cuisine and hospitality.

We invite you to experience the most fresh fish and seafood harvested from various locations worldwide. Not only do we serve our customers with a variety of appetizers, seafood salads, main courses and desserts, but we also provide wide sections of Japanese beers and finest sake.We at Sushi Nest feel confident that our customers will taste the difference that lies in the excellent quality of our carefully selected fish and seafood, whether you enjoy the fresh cut sashimi by yourself or share with your family on the beautiful sushi boat entrée. Since opening,our menu has continued to evolve innovatively while maintaining a strong sense of integrity to our original concept.

Welcome to the Sushi Nest and a delicious Japanese cuisine experience awaits.

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